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How to Choose the Best Wig for You

Wigs are a fashion statement. Not only do they help you to instantly switch your look but also offer a protective style that allows your hair to grow without being over-manipulated. But how does one get to choose the best wig for themselves especially if they are a beginner? If you are looking to have this question answered in detail, read on.

Questions to ask yourself
Do you want synthetic or human hair?
Do you want a full lace or front lace?
Do you want something that matches the color of your hair or are you looking to experiment with other colors?
What length would best compliment your height?
Where can you buy legit hair?

As you can see, there are quite a number of questions that one needs to ask themselves if they are to make the right decision.

Synthetic vs Human Hair
Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs and can be customized to mimic natural hair
However, they don’t last as long. Synthetic wigs also mat and tangle quite easily.
Human hair wigs on the other hand accurately mimic natural hair. One can dye, bleach and even use heat styling tools on them. Would like to learn more, simply visit

Lace frontal wigs vs Full lace wigs
Lace front wigs are highly recommended for beginners. One simply puts them on without worrying about blending it with their hair. However, if not well made, the wefts on the parting of the lace frontal may not lay flat. Full lace wigs, on the other hand, are recommended to intermediate to experienced wig wearers. They are very comfortable and come with a natural hairline. They are breathable and can be worn without the application of glue. The cap style can differ from supplier to supplier, hence the need to do a thorough research before purchasing a piece. We can help you decide, simply visit

Color and Length
When deciding on the color and length, go for something you wouldn’t have achieved with your natural hair. Be careful not to spend money on a wig that you’ll only wear for a few weeks and it gets out of trend. If you are looking for an affordable wig that will instantly transform your look, be sure to check out our wide collection at