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Tips For First Time Wig Wearers

Hello everyone. My name is Precious and I’m the owner of Precious Luxury Hair Online Store. Welcome to my blog! Today, I’ll be sharing some tips with you. For those of you, who never owned a wig before, no worries: I got your back. When it comes to wigs, there’s undoubtedly so many tips and secrets that wig suppliers forget to mention. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a list of tips that you can go through before purchasing your wig? Well, you are in absolute luck today! 

The 3 Common Questions for First Time Wig Wearers

Does a Wig Look Natural?

Many women keep off wearing wigs mainly because they are afraid of having it looking like a toupee on their head. This should not worry you if you choose the right hairpiece that compliments your personality. If you are wearing a wig for the first time, you may want to stick to a color that’s similar to the color of your natural hair color. At Precious Luxury Hair, I have what you need. Simply visit my website or shoot me an email directly at and I will be more than happy to help you select the right color for you.

What if it falls off in public?

Okay, let me tell you that wigs have a control measure for this. First, wigs usually have adjustable drawstrings that can be used to adjust the tightness of the cap to fit your head like a glove. Alternatively, some wig manufacturers add combs that firmly hold the hairpiece on your head. These are usually placed at the front, on the sides and at the back. If you are still afraid of getting embarrassed by your wig in public, you can choose to hold it down with a wig glue. I can show how if shoot me an email directly at

Do Wigs Come in Varying Sizes?

Wig sizes are not as complicated as you may be thinking. The most popular wig cap size is the average. If your head is not extremely small or large, then this is the size to go with. If you still aren’t sure of your size, you can measure the circumference of your head and have your wig custom made for you. So, never stressing out about the sizing. However, be sure not to have the wig too tightly fitting as this may cause discomfort the entire time you’ll be wearing it.


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